5 - 7 September 2016 | Cape Town, South Africa


In the tradition of the previous conferences, SEMC 2016 will aim at bringing together from around the world academics, researchers and practitioners in the broad fields of structural mechanics, associated computation and structural engineering, to review recent achievements in the advancement of knowledge and understanding in these areas, share the latest developments, and address the challenges that the present and the future pose. The cross fertilisation between theory and practice that is anticipated will be expected to:

  • promote a better understanding of structural behaviour;
  • facilitate more realistic material and structural modelling;
  • lead to the development of more appropriate computational schemes; and
  • enhance the confidence of structural-engineering practice.

The most recent conference, SEMC 2013, attracted close to 500 delegates from 60 countries, and more than 400 peer-reviewed papers were delivered in a total of 72 sessions. The Proceedings were published by Taylor & Francis (London). The next conference, SEMC 2016, is expected to attract an equally large number of participants from all over the world. It is hoped that a good number of young and upcoming researchers will be able to join the many distinguished and well-established academics and practitioners who will be attending the conference and leading the discussions.