2 - 4 September 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa

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SS17: Vibration Serviceability


Organiser: Prof. Alex Pavic, Exeter University, UK

Summary: Every vibration serviceability problem in civil and structural engineering can be rationalised into three key parts: vibration source, path and receiver. This special session aims to present the latest scientific developments related to any of the three issues or their combinations, including vibration control. Relevant topics include characterisation of vibration source (e.g. human- or machinery-induced, traffic, wind, groundborne), vibration path (modelling of mass, stiffness, damping, SDOF, MDOF, simple or complex modelling, model validation, etc) and vibration receiver (humans or sensitive processes in various environments and design scenarios). Particularly welcome are research communications dealing with the vibration receiver issue, which has been historically least researched and is not particularly well understood in the community. Also welcome will be contributions providing evidence of the increasing importance of vibration serviceability which is reportedly becoming a dominant structural design criterion for an increasing number of structures considering their environment and utilisation.