2 - 4 September 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa

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SS12: Wind Effects on Structures

Organiser: Prof. Vincent Denoël, University of Liege, Belgium

Summary: This session welcomes contributions on a wide variety of topics covering the effects of wind and other incompressible flows on structures, from research findings to industrial case studies and applications. Civil engineering structures are built in the atmospheric boundary layer, which makes them subject to the complex action of wind. The design of large structures usually requires a combination of wind measurement techniques (in situ or wind tunnel), aerodynamic pressure measurements as well as structural analysis. The structural analysis needs to cope with possible uncertainties associated with turbulence, measurement techniques, interpretation of wind tunnel measurements and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, as well as the interpolation/extrapolation of numerical or physical simulations of wind flow. A part of research in wind engineering today is devoted to a better understanding of the wind flow around bluff body objects, while another part still focuses on efficient structural analysis under Gaussian or non-Gaussian, stationary or transient winds and, last but not least, the complex interactions between the fluid and the structure. This session will be open and presentations on these and related topics will be welcome.