5 - 7 September 2022 | Cape Town, South Africa

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SS14: Micromechanics of Advanced Materials and Processes

Organisers: Prof. Liguo Zhao & Dr. Anish Roy, Loughborough University, UK
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Summary: Advanced materials such as high strength alloys, composites and biomedical materials possess complex microstructures, and their structural performance is largely governed by the micromechanical response of the materials. The types of microstructure also significantly affect the efficiency and precision of manufacturing processes used to produce components. Thus, it is of paramount importance to understand and study the behaviour of such materials from a micromechanical perspective, especially the interaction between intrinsic microstructure and applied load, deformations, rate-of-deformation and thermal effects. The aim of the special session is to provide a forum and draw together international specialists in micromechanics for face-to-face and in-depth discussions of the latest outcomes and exchange of novel ideas around this challenging topic. The session will cover both experimental and computational work for a wide range of advanced materials. It is open to both well-established and early-stage researchers across the globe. The session offers an excellent opportunity for researchers to disseminate their new results as well as engage with networking activities.