2 - 4 September 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa

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SS15: Vibration Control Using MR Damping Devices

Organisers: Prof. Rui Carneiro Barros, University of Porto, Portugal & Dr. Manuel Braz-Cesar, Instituto Politecnico Braganca, Portugal

Summary: MagnetoRheological (MR) fluid technology is a relatively new field of study that has evolved over the past 20 years. Since then, this technology has been used to develop “smart” devices for many engineering applications in the form of semi-active dampers, brakes, bearings, fluid clutches, advanced prosthetic systems, etc. MR based devices have also been exploited in developing semi-active damping and dissipative actuators for vibration control in a wide range of mechanical and structural systems. Semi-active vehicle suspension systems and semi-active control systems to reduce wind-induced vibrations in cable-stayed bridges, are two acknowledged engineering applications in which MR fluid technology has proven to be very effective as vibration control systems.

This special session will be devoted to the modelling, simulation, design and application of MR based systems in the field of structural control, and will provide a dedicated forum for the discussion of vibration control of mechanical and structural systems using MR fluid technology. Particular emphasis will be given to advanced control laws for semi-active control systems that enable efficient exploitation of the dissipative nature of MR actuators. Numerical methods for modelling the non-linear hysteretic behaviour of MR devices and efficient simulation models will be discussed. Also included will be experimental systems and applications using MR devices. Contributions on any of these issues are invited.