2 - 4 September 2019 | Cape Town, South Africa

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SS19: Soil and Water Bioengineering Structures

Organisers: Dr. Guillermo Tardio, Technical University of Madrid, Spain & Dr. Slobodan Mickovski, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
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Summary: Soil and water bioengineering systems are becoming more frequent in the slope and riverbank stabilization sector, and more support from different engineering disciplines is needed. These systems have particularities that must be addressed for a realistic and effective design. Given the semi-empirical nature of the solutions, an intrinsic adaptive management scheme should be implemented throughout the service life of the project. The aims of this session will be:

  • to analyse the deterioration processes of the material used (e.g. timber, organic mats, etc), and the change with time of their mechanical behaviour;
  • to evaluate improvement in mechanical behaviour of soil due to the presence of plant roots;
  • to model the mechanical behaviour of the root-soil system and its evolution with time;
  • to evaluate options for implementing adaptive management schemes (such as monitoring schemes producing feed-back loops);
  • to develop methods addressing particularities of soil and water bioengineering systems.

The special session will discuss the specialization process which is needed for the development of a proper and effective soil and water bioengineering sector. Contributions of interest will include theoretical, numerical and experimental work, as well as case studies.